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Contact Us

Call 311 or (801) 852-6000 or go to the Provo311 page on our website for any City information or services you need. Contact Center agents are specially trained to answer a wide range of questions. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find the people who do. You can get information about licensing , special events, permits, garbage pickup, and many other questions about the City. You can also report broken parking meters, street lights out, potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, water main breaks, animal complaints, or any other situation that needs the attention of City workers.

Information on contacting individual Council Members is found on our Meet the Council page. You can also use to send one email to all seven Council Members. There is also an online form to subscribe to email updates or newsletters from your Council representative.

Information on contacting Neighborhood Chairs can be found by looking at the listing for the individual neighborhoods. The most current list of all Neighborhood Chairs and Vice-Chairs is also downloadable online.
Sign up for neighborhood updates or join your neighborhood's Facebook group.

Handley, GeorgeCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 574-6672
Harding, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 310-9970
Knecht, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 921-7794
Mumford, BrycePolicy AnalystCity Council(801) 852-6135
Salzl, HannahPolicy AnalystCity Council(801) 852-6136
Sewell, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 380-5103
Stewart, GeorgeCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 341-0463
Strachan, CliffExecutive Director of CouncilCity Council(801) 852-6118
Tapahe, KarenCommunity Relations CoordinatorCity Council(801) 852-6122
Van Buren, KayCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 420-0743
VanDerwerken, ElizabethExecutive AssistantCity Council(801) 852-6120
Winterton, Gary Council MemberCity Council(801) 372-6633