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Council Priorities

Provo City Council Values

Provo City Council focused on the Provo City Vision 2030 Core Values to determine the Council's values.

  • Healthy Environment
  • Responsible Government
  • Vibrant Community
  • Thriving Commerce

Based on those four values, Council determined their priorities for 2018-2019. 

Provo City Vision 2030 Core Values »

  • Responsible Government Council Meeting We value our: Transparent and open government entities; Commitment to accountable and fiscally sound governance; Effective and well-maintained public infrastructure; Belief in constitutionally based and limited government; Understanding that good government is the product of engaged and principled citizens More >>

  • Healthy Environment Bicentennial-pond We value our: Quiet, walkable neighborhoods; Unparalleled natural amenities; Abundant park facilities and recreational opportunities; Quality health-care systems; Focus on fitness and wellness; Inviting neighborhoods; Commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment More >>

  • Thriving Commerce boutique-store-front We value our: Diverse employment opportunities; Role as a regional economic center; Commitment to economic vitality, growth and development; Strong entrepreneurial spirit; Vibrant business districts; Educated, skilled, and industrious workforce; Commitment to ethical business standards; Favorable and supportive business environment More >>

  • Vibrant Community clean-block We value our: Community informed and engaged in community issues; Residents who are care about and support their neighbors; Sense of place in Provo, and how our heritage influences who we are; Commitment to personal responsibility and volunteerism; Respect and consideration for all More >>

hands-with-reportsCouncil Priorities
Based on Council Values and Goals, a set of priorities and desired outcomes were developed and approved by Council members.

2018-2019 Council Priorities »
New-Homes-MaeserAffordable HousingMany residents in Provo enjoy living in the area that they have chosen. Many desire to stay in the area, even if their housing needs change. Many desire that their children have options to live nearby. Provo needs to offer housing options that reflect the public's desires and needs, in quantity, quality, and variety, and spread throughout our communities in order to support families, long-lasting communities, and improved safety.

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comparing-chartsBudget to Priorities
A responsible government should be transparent and accessible by citizens while creating and maintaining balanced and sustainable financial plans and budgets. These financial plans and budgets should keep taxes and utility fees fair and competitive while still maintaining quality services and cost-effective management of infrastructure. Priority-based budgeting is a way for
local governments to spend within their means by continuously focusing money on programs which achieve results that are most relevant to their communities. Approved budgets should
clearly support the long-term City Goals.

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Downtown-Provo-CEconomic DevelopmentA strong economy provides stable jobs which support families, the community, and provide opportunities for all residents. Vibrant commercial and retail centers provide an inviting environment for gatherings and community interactions. Strong retail provides convenient and competitive access to goods for residents. Healthy commerce helps fund city services through property taxes and well-used retail adds sales taxes to city coffers to keep our government fiscally sound and fund our public education system.

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neighborhood-from-birds-viewZoning Compliance
Zoning is the orderly way that the community agrees to live together. Through their representatives, residents decide what land uses are acceptable in various parts of the City. Good zoning ordinances and compliance protects the enjoyment of private property rights, and gives residents and business owners confidence to invest their time and money in their property. Zoning compliance protects neighborhoods, discourages crime, promotes commerce, helps establish a healthy, inviting environment, and supports a vibrant community which affects our institutions like schools and churches.

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drawing-blue-printVision 2050/General PlanA vision describes expectations or aspirations of what can be – a big picture of what the Council and the community wants to achieve. Vision 2050 will be the culmination of a community wide discussion on what the City will be in 30 years, a new vision for the next generation. Along with core values, it will be the navigational star to guide the city’s General Plan. The General Plan will lay out strategies, goals, and objectives to find our way.

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