Airport Board

The Airport Board is an advisory board that reviews and makes recommendations on a variety of airport issues. Leases, policies, business applications, and fee structures are just some of the items board members are asked to review. After carefully weighing the information and discussing options, the board votes on recommendations. The Airport Manager gives the board’s recommendations to the Mayor. The Mayor of Provo has final decision-making authority regardless of board recommendations.

Qualifications of Members:
  • Provo Resident, and U.S. Citizen
  • Able to Attend Lunch Meeting the Fourth Tuesday of Every January, April, July and October.
  • 5 Years Experience in Management or Aviation Related Field
  • Understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Willing to Undergo a Background Check
  • Expectations of Board Members:
    • Airport Board members must attend a quarterly meeting at the Provo Airport to discuss airport issues. These meetings are important to the smooth operation of the airport and excessive absences make it difficult for airport management to carry out its duties. Missing more than two meetings without prior notification will result in removal from the Airport Board. Missing more than four meetings in a calendar year will result in removal from the board.
Board members must be able to process information quickly, since some items arise with very little notice. Board meetings are public meetings. Board members must be comfortable speaking in front of groups and to the media if necessary.

Current Members of the Airport Board include:
Board Member  Term Expires 
Lonnie Woodard  6/30/19 
Mark Hathaway 6/30/20
Keith Rittel 6/30/20
Bill Prochazka 6/30/21
Mario Markides  6/30/21 
Kris Whitehead  6/30/22 
Adam Robertson  6/30/22 

Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Provo Airport Board by filling out the online application.