Building Inspection Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals consists of at least five members (state code). Provo City has elected to have seven members. Members must be qualified by experience and training to vote on matters pertaining to building construction and cannot be employees of the jurisdiction. Each term is three years with staggered expiration dates.

The Board of Appeals hears and decides appeals or orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official on matters relating to the interpretation of the International Building Code.

The Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis.

Board Members should be able to:

  • Be willing to study and take time to understand the building codes
  • Deal with stressful and emotional situations
  • Help applicants find ways to cost effectively meet the safety standards of the building codes


Current members of the Board of Appeals include:

Board Member  Term Expires 
Don Porter  6/30/21
Mark Greenwood  6/30/21 
Dan Stubbs  6/30/22 
John Dester  6/30/22 
Hal Thacker  6/30/23 
Edgar Escobar  6/30/23 


Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Board of Appeals by filling out the online application.