Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee consists of five members and two alternates. Each member must be a professional in the fields of architectural design, education, landscape design, interior design, urban design, architectural history, art or graphic design, engineering, or planning. One member must be a businessperson from the community with an occupation not included in the previous list.

The Design Review Committee reviews and makes design recommendations regarding the external design of buildings and site plans for all new buildings which are subject to the project plan approval process. The committee ensures that architectural and landscape character is in harmony with the surrounding area, sign graphics are appropriate for their area of the city, and that the proportion of new buildings are compatible with their surroundings.

The Design Review Committee meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday each month. The pre-meeting begins at 12:00 p.m., and the public hearing begins at 12:30 p.m. and lasts up to two hours. Committee members may make site visits to the properties on the agenda before the meeting, but most of the review happens in the meeting itself.

Committee Members should be able to:

  • Be willing to study and take time to understand Provo City zoning ordinances dealing with design review
  • Deal with stressful and emotional situations
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with the other Members
  • Help applicants find a good design which is cost effective


Current members of the Design Review Committee include:

Board Member  Term Expires 
Scott Bingham 6/30/20
Roger Knell 6/30/20
George Bills  6/30/22 
Quinn Peterson 6/30/22 
Phillip Kiser  6/30/23 
Carol Walker  6/30/23 


Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Design Review Committee by filling out the online application.