Energy Board

The Energy Board is an advisory board for making recommendations on energy related matters to the city administration and Municipal Council. The Board consists of 7 members appointed by the Mayor and consent of the Municipal Council serving 4 year terms. The Energy Board generally meets at 4:00 pm every 4th Monday of each month unless otherwise determined by the Chairman.

The Energy Board has the following duties:

  • To advise on long range planning for power generation, transmission and distribution for future electrical needs;
  • To advise on proposed capital improvement projects and expenditures;
  • To make recommendations on matters related to the operations of the Department;
  • To make recommendations on electricity rates, fees and charges;
  • To oversee forestry programs to qualify for Tree City USA certifications;
  • To review the monthly financial reports and operating reports and provide advice on these matters; and
  • To review the budget and budget proposals.

Energy Board Qualifications

  • A strong interest in energy related matters with additional experience in another fields such as engineering, finance, legal, management, and city administration in order to bring diversity to the group.
  • Able to review and analyze budget numbers as presented and make recommendations to the administration representing the views and best overall interests of the city.
  • Willingness to dedicate the time to read materials in advance of the meetings, attend the scheduled meetings and participate in advancing the needs of the department. 

Current members of the Energy Board include:

Board Member  Term Expires 
 Julie Radle 12/31/22 
 Gary Winterton 12/31/22
 Patricio Hernandez 12/31/23
 George Stewart 12/31/20
 Cheryl Taylor  12/31/23 
 Ned Hill 12/31/23 
 Jeff Rose 12/31/21 

Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Energy Board by filling out the online application.