Parks and Recreation Board

The Parks and Recreation Board is to advise the Mayor, Municipal Council and the Director of Parks and Recreation on policies and matters relating to park, cemetery and trail maintenance; the planning and conducting of recreation activities and the development of recreation facilities; and the use, maintenance and promotion of City museums, landmarks and historic sites. The Board is to make periodic reviews of park and recreation facilities, city museums, programs and related services that are available to the public and recommend what additional facilities, programs and services may be needed. Members are appointed to a three-year term.

Board Member Qualifications

  • Have an interest in the advancement of park, recreation and museum programs, services and facilities
  • Have specific interest in parks, trails, forestry, golf, cemetery, museums, sports, aquatics, special events, instructional classes, teen programs, and park and recreation facilities
  • Have the time to attend a monthly meeting on the fourth Thursday from noon to 1:30 pm
  • Be willing to support, attend and assist with events as needed
  • Ability to assess and evaluate programs, services and facilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Have sufficient involvement within the community to be a resource for citizen input


Current members of the Parks and Recreation Board include:

Board Member  Term Expires 
Ricky Frank  6/30/20 
Jen Peterson  6/30/20 
Tom Sitake  6/30/20
Claralyn Hill 6/30/21
Bruce Snow 6/30/21
Lisa Brockbank 6/30/21
Brittany Hyde  6/30/22 


Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Parks and Recreation Board by filling out the online application. 

Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

 2019 Meetings    
January 17 Agenda  Minutes 
February 21 Agenda  Minutes 
March 21 Agenda  Meeting Canceled 
April 18 Agenda  Minutes 
May 7 - Joint Mtg with Council Agenda  Minutes 
June 20  Agenda  No Minutes 
July 18 - No meeting held in summer   
August - No meeting held in summer   
September 19  Agenda  Minutes 
October 17  Agenda  Minutes 
November 21  Agenda  Minutes 
December 19  Luncheon Only    
 2020 Meetings    
January 16 Agenda  Minutes 
February 20  Agenda  Minutes 
March 19  Meeting not held due to COVID-19 
April 16  Meeting not held due to COVID-19