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Provo Arts Council

The Provo Arts Council was created to help promote and advance the arts in the Provo Community. By city code, the Board’s duties include:

  • Developing a comprehensive plan to strengthen the full spectrum of artistic resources in the City;
  • Assessing the needs of the City for performance facilities and display facilities for the arts and operation of the Covey Center for the Arts and other such facilities;
  • Promoting, producing and encouraging performances or displays by local, regional and national artists;
  • Supplying information regarding cultural opportunities in Provo City to the Provo City Parks and Recreation Office;
  • Organizing groups, with the consent of the Mayor, to be known as patrons of the arts; and
  • Acting as an advisory body to the Mayor, Municipal Council, Director of Parks and Recreation, and the Covey Center for the Arts General Manager in all matters pertaining to the arts.

The Council consists of 11 members, of which at least 8 must be Provo residents. They serve for terms of up to three years, and are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Municipal Council. It has been customary to have board members with experience in various arts disciplines such as music, visual arts, theater, etc.

Once the Covey Center for the Arts was completed, the Arts Council stopped meeting regularly, and eventually the terms of all of the members expired. In late 2016, the Mayor and Municipal Council determined to reinstitute the Council. As new Council members are appointed, this web page will be updated until the Council has reached its maximum number of members.

Current members of the Arts Council include:

Board Member  Term Expires 
Jane Wise  6/30/21
Scott Glenn  6/30/22 

Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Arts Council by filling out the online application.