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Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee

The Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee promotes the health and quality of life of Provo residents by encouraging planning for a sustainable future and prudent use of our marvelous natural resources.

Established in March of 2011 by Mayor Curtis, the Committee is charged with the following:

  • Keep a twenty-year view and help implement Vision 2030 goals to protect the city’s natural resources;
  • Be reasonable: Identify feasible projects that will have public support;
  • Recruit others: Publicize and develop citizen involvement in projects;
  • Work with city leaders: Help the Mayor and Municipal Council identify and implement priority projects.

Members of the Committee are volunteers appointed by the Mayor for three-year terms. They include the following individuals, their expertise, and term expiration dates: 

Board Member  EXPERTISE  EMAIL Term Expires
Bruton, Derek Water resources 2020
Cox, Rick Green Business Programs 2021
Choi, Jaimie Displays & Recycling 2022
Daniels, Madison Energy efficient buildings  2020
Gonzalez, Liza  Displays; Paso Pacifico  2022
Hill, Ned Provo City Power, Displays  2021
Jarvis, Don Chair & Mayor's Adviser  2021
Jarvis, Janelle School air quality campaigns  2021
King, Ryan  Electricity sources  2022 
Mecham, Shauna Transportation planning  2021 
Nelson, Emilie  Special projects  2020 
Prokhorov, Jennifer  Special projects  2022
Slater, Rob EV charging stations, idling  2022 
Stevenson, Adam  School air quality campaigns  2023 
Taylor, Austin  Secretary. Parking/ Sustainability Coordinator  N/A 
Weinheimer, Emily  Displays, Clean Air Toolkit  2021 
Other Contacts      
Ayre, Annie  Plastic bag reduction   Guest
Healy, Madison  Plastic bag reduction   Guest
Stanford, Thomas  Recycling, Displays   Guest


Provo Clean Air Toolkit

Provo’s Clean Air Toolkit is a website with specific steps everyone in Provo can take to start to clean up our air. Pollution comes from a lot of sources, so there’s no single solution. It will take each of us doing what we can to reduce our emissions to keep our air healthy for ourselves and our families. That’s why in 2015, Provo City set out to create an ambitious toolkit to guide future efforts to clear the air.

Learn more here »

Household Recycling

Provo has a fantastic weekly curbside recycling program for those who want to have the convenience of simply dropping recyclables into a blue can and rolling it out to the curb. What could be more simple while doing your part to make a difference in keeping a friendly environment for your families?

Not to mention, it is less expensive to recycle than it is to have extra black cans. 

Learn more here »

Sustainability Documents

The Sustainable Living document lists suggestions for better stewardship including: reduce automobile use, reduce water, reduce waste, reduce energy use in your home, reduce consumption, recycle, work and play, pursue renewable energies, eat wisely, and cherish your home. Learn more here »

Take a look at the Sustainability Report document to learn more about what specific projects the committee has been apart of including: air quality, recycling, land use, Provo green business program, and education and communication.

Provo's Recycling Market Development Zone program enables participating business to apply for Utah tax credits if they use recycled materials to manufacture new products. Businesses can also apply if they collect or process recycled materials or if they engage in composting. Learn how to apply for the tax credits here »

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support the Sustainability Committee's work, make out a check to the Provo Foundation and mail it to:

Corey Norman, Deputy Mayor
Provo City Building
351 W Center Street
Provo UT 84601

*Note on the "Memo" line at the bottom of your check that it is for the Sustainability Committee's Environmental Account.