Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee

November 2012, the Municipal Council created the Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee (TMAC). The Committee consists of 7 members, one from each Municipal Council district and two at large members.  If possible, one member should be a representative of college level transportation academia and one should represent a business or community-oriented organization. A member of the Municipal Council shall be appointed to act as liaison with the TMAC, but the Municipal Council liaison shall not be considered a member of the TMAC.

The Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The public meeting begins at 12:30 PM and can last up to two hours.

The duties of the TMAC include:

  • Monitor the status of and make recommendations for amendments to the city's Vision 2030 document, the General Plan, transportation master plan, the major and local street plan, and any other planning document that impacts transportation and mobility with in the city
  • Recommend the adoption and alteration of all rules, regulations and ordinances which it shall deem in the public interest and for the purposes of carrying out the objects of the Provo City Code as it relates to transportation and mobility
  • Review regional, citywide and significant local transportation and mobility issues as they relate to and are effected by land use policy, balancing the interests and needs of private vehicles, public transportation, bicycles, and pedestrians
  • Provide recommendations to the Mayor, Municipal Council, Planning Commission, and other city commissions and boards regarding the priority, funding, and design of capital improvement projects that relate to transportation and mobility
  • Serve as a coordination body and resource for organizations interested in transportation and mobility issues affecting the city
  • Promote public education of transportation and mobility issues affecting the city and its residents

Current members of the Transportation Committee include:

Board Member    Term Expires 
Stephen Mongie  District 1 6/30/22 
Joy McMurray District 2 6/30/22 
David Arnold  District 3 6/30/22 
Mitsuru Saito District 4  6/30/21 
Clancy Black District 5  6/30/20 
Deborah Jensen  Planning Commission Member  6/30/20 
James Hamula At-Large 6/30/21 


Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Transportation Committee by filling out the online application.