Voters approved the Police, Fire & City Facilities Bond in November 2018, authorizing the City to issue up to $69 million in general obligation bonds for the new Provo City Center. The best way to show our appreciation for your trust is to use your taxpayer dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Fulfilling Our Promises to Citizens

The existing city center, built in 1972, is not seismically sound and is inadequate in meeting the needs of Provo citizens. It is more cost-effective to replace than rebuild.

 In rebuilding Provo City Center, we have the opportunity to design a building that fulfills the promises we made to you.


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Your New Provo City Center

The new 164,000 square foot building, located at the corner of Center Street and 500 West, will anchor our downtown, improve operational efficiencies and streamline the citizen’s experience.


Public safety focus

One half of the Provo City Center will be devoted to public safety, housing our new police and fire headquarters.

Chief Ferguson 2019"This new public safety building will provide a safe and secure facility for our valued officers and staff, while enhancing our ability to serve our citizens and providing the best police services to our city. We are excited about the future of Provo, and we are honored to serve in this great city." - Chief Rich Ferguson Chief-Miguel
 “Our goal is to have the appropriate number of people and resources distributed throughout the City. In addition to having the first new fire station in 20 years, we have started an evaluative process to ensure we are best meeting the needs today and the growth of tomorrow. It’s a big deal.” - Chief James Miguel



Cost-Effective, Citizen-Focused and Collaborative

Provo City Center is being responsibly designed using the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) method.  This method, used on both our Recreation Center and Energy Building, allows Provo City, the design team, the contractor and citizens to work together from design to final construction to create the most dynamic and cost-effective city center. Our project management focus remains on community priorities while eliminating wasted cost and time.




Savings In Action

  • Utility Coordination

Provo Public Works coordinated early on the adjacent 500 West roadway to make necessary utility connections. Not only did this save the city money, but it prevents unnecessary disruption of a new road due to poor planning.

Cost Savings: Eliminated hundreds of thousands of dollars by proactive coordination

  • Utilizing Existing Space

With Provo Dispatch moving into the new City Center, their vacated space will become the new home for Provo Media Services and Channel 17 operations. Not only does this maximize available space, but it creates a new creative synergy between with media services and the Covey Center.

Cost Savings: $1,000,000

  •  Partnering for Efficiency

With our Fire Station #2, we have worked with our west neighbor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in correcting some grading issues at our adjoining properties. This cooperative solution eliminates the need for expensive retaining walls and complicated grading techniques. 

Cost Savings: $100,000

  • Do-It-Yourself

The demolition of the existing vacant buildings on the project site was done by our talented Provo Public Works staff.  A talented and experienced operator, Richard “Hawk” Snyder, and his team will perform the demolition of these structures.

Cost Savings: $100,000.

All of these project management efficiencies create a more effective and responsive project.  Savings can go into elements that make this building and operations more dynamic for its citizens after construction.  Great management practices also assist dramatically in keeping this project in budget and on time.

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Provo City Police, Fire, & City Hall Complex Questionnaire

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