Public Information

The information listed below is for the public and provided to help promote awareness and greater understanding of the work of Provo City. Provo is a dynamic community that has experienced phenomenal growth and prosperity in the last decade. Using various communication tools including radio, television, print, the Internet, and increasingly other new information technology, the City will continue to address many issues and explore new opportunities that affect the quality of life. 

Citizen Engagement Survey Report
Woman using tabletIn creating a Citizen Engagement Strategic Plan, Provo City invited citizens to complete an online survey between November 19 and December 3, 2013. This survey focused on understanding on how residents viewed their involvement and communication with Provo City. This survey also focused on what is needed to increase Citizen Engagement for residents and administrators.

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ParkingView a draft of the Towing and Parking Enforcement Ordinance amending Provo City Code 9.32.140 to allow private property owners to initiate a non-consensual boot or tow of a motor vehicle on or from their property by contract rather than by direct authorization only when using a Provo City certified towing or parking enforcement business and meeting other requirements.

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Citizen Engagement Charrette
PresentationOn July 25, 2013, Provo residents, employees, and other stakeholders gathered together to discuss citizen engagement. Spilt into three groups, participants defined and discussed citizen engagement, successfully engaging residents, strengths and weakness of Provo’s citizen engagement, technology and tools available, and engaging the unengaged. 

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Lobbying contracts
Capital buildingThe city maintains relationships with different organizations and vendors who assist the city in its relationships with federal and state legislative bodies. 

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UTF Fund

Provo is seeking a way to fund roads using the principles of equity, transparency, and sustainability. The Council, together with the Mayor, proposed a Utility Transportation Fund as a means to fund roads in a way that utilizes those principles. Read more for an explanation of why roads need additional funding and how this option meets the goals of the Council and Mayor.

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City View Vision 2030 is Provo's process for defining a 20 year vision for the Provo community. Vision 2030 is an opportunity for a broad look at the future of Provo.

The next steps in Vision 2030 process will involve reassembling the subcommittee members and others to develop specific and measurable objectives and tasks for the next 12 months and to review progress to date.

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driving in snow

I recently had the opportunity to ride along in a snowplow with our snow removal crew. It made me aware of the obstacles our snowplow drivers sometimes face that make their work more difficult.

There are many things we can do as residents to help them be more effective.

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