Bulldog Improvements

Bulldog Blvd Improvements

Bulldog Boulevard is an important part of Provo City’s transportation network. Many different types of travelers use this road including passenger cars, trucks, freight, pedestrians, and bicyclists. It hosts a wonderful mix of businesses catering to a wide range of our community’s needs. From restaurants and shopping, to recreation, health care, and schools, Bulldog Boulevard is a vibrant part of our City. As Provo City continues to grow, Bulldog Boulevard will remain an important thoroughfare and one that should safely accommodate all users.

In recent years, crashes on Bulldog Boulevard have increased. A recent traffic study showed that the crash rate on Bulldog Boulevard is over three times the statewide average. Additionally, vehicle/bicycle accidents are higher here than most other parts of Provo.* To improve safety on Bulldog Boulevard, Provo City plans to add center-running planted medians and protected bicycle lanes. Bulldog Boulevard would be reduced to two lanes in each direction to accommodate these improvements. *Provo Bicycle Master Plan


The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Provo City are partnering to address these safety concerns. Project design is underway with a public open house anticipated in Spring 2018. Construction is anticipated in Spring/Summer 2019.

For more information about the project please provobulldogblvd@gmail.com.

The New Bulldog Boulevard

New Boulevard

Bulldog Boulevard would become two lanes in each direction with a center-running planted median and bike lanes on either side that are protected from vehicles by a raised planter area. The planters would be landscaped with trees, plants, and flowers adding an improved aesthetic feel to the area and would be maintained by Provo City.

Protected Bike Lanes1

Protected Bike Lanes

A recent traffic study conducted for Provo City shows that 50% of bicycle/vehicle crashes on Bulldog Boulevard might have been avoided if cyclists were riding in the roadway rather than on the sidewalk where they are less visible. Adding protected bicycle lanes to Bulldog Boulevard would provide a designated place for cyclists and make them known to motorists in that area. 

Driveways, intersection turning pockets and other areas where bicycles and vehicles must cross-paths would be defined for increased awareness and safety. To improve safety, some properties’ driveways may be consolidated to reduce the number of conflict locations. The drawings above show those conflict areas in green. Provo City is still confirming the appropriate method to highlight these areas for motorists and cyclists alike. 

Traffic Flow

A recent traffic study conducted for Provo City shows that converting the outside lane to a bicycle lane will minimally impact traffic flow on Bulldog Boulevard and at its associated intersections, even using 2040 traffic projections, which account for growth in the area. The area of greatest impact would be the intersection of Bulldog Boulevard and University Avenue, which according to traffic projections would need improvements in 2040 whether the outside lane remains or not. 

Provo City’s goal for Bulldog Boulevard enhancements is to improve safety for all roadway users. The Bulldog Boulevard project can do that while improving the overall aesthetic look and feel of the corridor and adding a safer, more usable bicycle facility at the same time.

Safety & Accessibility

The major cause of crashes on Bulldog Boulevard has been left turns across multiple lanes of traffic. Adding planted medians to Bulldog Boulevard would increase safety by prohibiting left turns between traffic signals. Motorists accessing businesses on the opposite side of Bulldog Boulevard would still be able to safely make left turns and U-turns at any of the existing intersections. Traffic signals would be adjusted to accommodate the change in traffic patterns.

Bulldog Boulevard Facts

  • Speed limit is 35 m.p.h.
  • Serves over 25,000 vehicles during the daily peak travel times
  • Crash rate is over 3 times higher than statewide average
  • The majority of crashes are front/rear or angle crashes
Bulldog Improvements1The planned modifications to Bulldog Blvd discussed here will also help fulfill Provo’s vision of having Complete Streets. Complete Streets features include widening sidewalks, adding dedicated bike lanes and curb extensions, and adding Highlighting bicycle/vehicle conflict zones for awareness. The Complete Streets features will help riders feel safe and provide reliable
streets that all users can enjoy.

You may have noticed that 200 East looks a little different as well. It was one of the first projects in Provo designed to accommodate all modes of travel including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit. The Complete Streets initiative is designed to help our community by providing access for all modes of travel. This will also increase the opportunities for our community
to enjoy better health and safety. For more info, check out Provo city’s complete Bike plan at www.bikeprovo.org