Fraud Hotline

The Fraud Hotline allows anyone to report suspected acts of financial wrongdoing by employees of, or within, the Provo City government. Submit information regarding suspected wrongdoing (fraud or waste) at any time using the form below. You have the option to remain completely anonymous or you may request that someone from the Audit Committee follow up with you.

The information you provide is confidential and anonymous and will go directly to the Provo City Audit Committee (a committee led by two City Councilors).


  • Fraud - Attempting to obtain something of value through willful misrepresentation.
  • Waste - Squandering money or resources, even if not explicitly illegal.


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While this Fraud Hotline is for the reporting of suspected financial fraud or waste, the City also has an Ombudsman to help resolve problems with issues related to the services provided by the City. Click Here for information on sending complaints to the Ombudsman. In addition:

Sometimes we receive complaints about fraud, waste, or abuse that have nothing to do with Provo City except that the complainant resides or works in Provo or the complaint is about a Provo business. Provo City normally has no jurisdiction over such complaints, unless the suspected misconduct amounts to a crime, in which case the Provo Police Department should be contacted.

  • Utah has a Division of Consumer Protection. You can file a complaint or report an issue or misconduct Click Here.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice has a Fraud Section. See here.
  • You can also get legal advice by contacting your local bar association. The website for the Utah State Bar is here.

Attention Provo City Employees

Provo City’s Conflict of Interest Policy (Personnel Policy #52) notes that employees should report to a supervisor, the Department Director, or the Human Resources Director, personal or other employees’ conflicts of interest or other issue(s) adversely affecting City interests. All reports will be confidential to the fullest extent possible. Utah Code 67-21-3 protects whistleblowers from adverse personnel actions.

Use of this Fraud Hotline DOES NOT release Provo City employees and managers from the obligations and responsibilities of following all applicable Provo City Personnel Policies, or city, state, or federal laws.