• Business Licensing female-professional-at-desk Thank you for your interest in locating your business in Provo City. We are committed to maintaining the atmosphere and conditions that place us as a desirable place to work and live. We wish you well as you pursue your desires toward a successful and prosperous business. More >>

  • Do I need one? florist-at-work A valid Provo City business license is required for all businesses that are located within the corporate limits of Provo City. A business license is the means whereby Provo City Corporation grants permission to engage in a business activity at a specific location within the City. More >>

  • Business Activity women-at-bakery The definition of business includes every craft, trade, occupation, profession or activity engaged in for the purpose of gain or economic profit, excluding, however, the acts of employees rendering service to employers unless otherwise specifically provided. More >>

  • Benefits business-owner-at-work A local license provides assurance that the business location is properly zoned for the activity being conducted. Licensing also verifies compliance with state and local codes. This helps ensure the well being of employees and citizens. More >>

  • Commercial Area Group-meeting-at-office If your business will be located in a commercial zone, it is advisable that you contact the Community Development Department at (801) 852-6400 for specific zoning requirements and restrictions prior to signing a lease or filing a license application. More >>

young-small-business-ownerBusiness License RenewalAll licenses, unless expressly provided in the ordinances, shall be issued for one (1) year after your license issue date, and will need to be renewed every year there after. Renewal notices will be mailed one (1) month prior to your License issue date. Any license may be renewed within ninety (90) days of expiration, without a new application, by payment of the required fee. 

Bicycle LicenseBicycle LicenseBicycle licenses are valid through the life of the bike with the same owner. To register a bicycle the appropriate fee and the registration form must be submitted to the Provo City Licensing Coordinator. All bicycles used in Provo must have a license. Help us deter thieves by licensing all your bikes.
A Bicycle License is $1.00 per bike.

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RentalRental  If you are applying for a Rental Dwelling License you should review the FAQ so you will know what information is required to complete the application. 

We have provided a copy of the Provo City Code 6.26 Rental Dwelling for additional clarification

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Animal LicenseAnimal License All dogs 4 months or older must be licensed according to Title 8. To license your dog, you must have a current veterinary rabies vaccination certificate. A license may be obtained at the City. 

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  Altered   Unaltered 
 1 Year License  $15.00  $35.00
 2 Year License  $25.00  $65.00
 3 Year License  $35.00  $95.00

Solicitor LicenseSolicitor License Each individual desiring to engage in door-to-door solicitation within the City of Provo, prior to doing so, is required to obtain a solicitors permit (Chapter 6.09). Solicitors permits are issued by the City Licensing official and are valid for one (1) year. Each solicitor will be issued a photo ID badge that is required to be worn at all times while soliciting in Provo City limits. For questions please call (801) 852-7834.

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Beer LicenseBeer License To sell or serve beer at your place of business, you must obtain a Beer License from Provo City. To obtain a Beer License, an annual application, fee, and cash or corporate bond must be submitted. The annual fee for a beer license, is in addition to any other fees or charges imposed by the Provo City Code.

Before a beer license is issued, the Provo City Police Department must complete a background check on all owners, managers and employees. For more information on the specific requirements for the issuance of a beer license, please read Chapter 6.14 of the Provo City ordinances.

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