Commercial Business Licensing Requirements

Thank you for your interest in locating your business in Provo City! We are committed to maintaining the atmosphere and conditions that place us as a desirable place to work and live and play. We wish you well as you pursue your desires toward a successful and prosperous business.

All businesses are required by state law to obtain a valid city issued license before opening or beginning operations.

The processing time for any license is approximately 14 working days from the time your application is submitted and fees are paid. Please note, this time frame may vary depending on approvals, inspections, and other steps required.

To apply for a Provo City Business License you will need to fill out an application to be submitted online.

The following information will be required:

  • Business Name and Physical Location
  • Main business phone number and mailing address
  • Business Ownership Type (Corporation, Partnership, Proprietorship, LLC)
  • Number of Employees at location
  • Projected Opening Date and expected Business Hours
  • Nature of Business and Detailed description of business being conducted
  • Three (3) Emergency Contacts
  • Property Owner information
  • Federal Employee ID Number or Federal Tax ID Number

There may be additional information required, depending on the type of business you are applying for. This includes:

  • Type of Business (Commercial or Home Based)
  • Kind of Business (Non-profit, Taxi, Restaurant, Mobile Food Truck, Towing, etc.)
  • State License Number and License Type
  • Permanent or Temporary Sales Tax Number
  • List of Corporate Officers and main business contact information
  • Copy of Professional/Occupational License
  • Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Questionnaire
  • Food Service Establishment Questionnaire

All applications are required to submit proof of active registration with the Utah Department of Commerce and a photocopy of the applicant's Picture ID.

All fees associated with a Commercial Business License can be found in the Consolidated Fee Schedule.

If you are operating your business from more than one location you will need a separate application and license for each location.

Before purchasing or leasing a property, contact Community Development at (801) 852-6400 to make sure your business is in the correct zone and to determine any additional permits needed.

If your business will be serving, selling, or is in any way connected to alcohol use, you are required to obtain a Beer License with the City. Please review Provo City Code Chapter 6.14 Beer Licenses and Regulations to learn about the different types of beer licenses and requirements, including business locations restrictions and applicant disqualifications. Beer License Application »

The following business types require a separate application or have additional requirements. Please review the Provo City Code for each type by clicking below.

If you have any further questions, please call 3-1-1 or (801) 852-6000 to speak with Customer Service. The FAQ page is also available to answer any additional questions you may have. Licensing & Permits FAQ »

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