Commercial Business License Requirements

Welcome to Provo City Business Licensing. Thank you for joining thousands of other business owners in locating your business in Provo City.
We are committed to maintaining the atmosphere and conditions that make Provo a great place to work and live. Provo is consistently
recognized as one of the best places in the country to live and do business. So whether your business has one employee or thousands,
Provo is the place to be.

Please note that all businesses must obtain a valid Provo business license prior  to conducting business in Provo. To find out about the
licensing process in Provo, and steps you need to take, please see our FAQ,  Business Licensing Requirements and Before You Apply With
Provo City
resources. We recommend checking these helpful tools prior to signing a lease or filing a license application. 

A local license protects businesses by providing assurance that the business location is properly zoned for the activity being conducted,
and also verifies compliance with state and local codes. New business owner or relocating to Utah? Visit the Governor's Office of Economic
and the UVU Business Center to find resources available to you and learn about all the benefits to locating your business


For more information call the Licensing Division at (801) 852-7834 or email us at licensing@provo.org

Renewal info for Business or Rental Dwelling License click here.