Rental Dwelling FAQ

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How do I license my rental property with Provo City?

  • Where do I submit my application?

  • How much does a license cost?

  • Who do I contact to answer my questions about rental dwelling licensing?

  • Are there any exceptions?

  • Who needs to license rental properties with Provo City?

  • What is a short-term rental dwelling?

  • What is a rental dwelling?

  • How do I grant someone “Power of Attorney”?

  • Is my license transferable?

  • If I have submitted a completed application, made payment, but I haven’t received my license because zoning has not reviewed my application, will I be cited for renting properties without a license?

  • What happens if my property does not meet the minimum health/safety and zoning requirements?

  • Will I be required to get an inspection for each unit?

  • What is an entity?

  • I have several rental properties in Provo City; do I need a license for each location?

  • Will I receive a renewal notice?

  • How long is the license valid?