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lady-getting-a-ticket Parking Tickets

If you received a parking ticket, the violation subjects the owner of the vehicle to a civil penalty. You are required to respond within five (5) business days by doing one of the following:

  • Pay the amount shown on the back of the citation.
  • Fill out an appeal online at the link above.

Failure to take one of the above actions within five (5) business days will result in increased costs and other penalties as provided by law. See the Violation Fee Schedule in FAQs  or refer to Provo City Code 9.17 Civil Infractions for full details. 


new-homesParking Permit Areas and Ordinance
The City of Provo has adopted a number of parking permit programs in the area of Brigham Young University. These are areas where on-street parking is restricted to residents who are entitled to and hold parking permits. The restrictions vary from district to district. The City Code talks about how permit programs are established. Learn More >>


Foothill Park Ordinance

University Gardens Ordinance


Parking and Mobility Management Page

For information regarding where to park, or how to get around Provo, please visit our Parking and Mobility Management page.

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