Service Requests

  • Customer Service Close-up-on-CSR-mouth-and-phone PROVO311 is a fully functional customer service department, capable of handling high quantities of calls and walk ins. We will get you taken care of as fast and effectively as possible. More >>

  • Animal Licensing Dog-looking-at-a-chicken Do you need to license your dog, or get a permit to raise chickens? Believe it or not 311 can help you with that. Visit with one of our friendly representatives and we will get you taken care of. More >>

  • Sanitation Concerns garbage-truck-emptying-trash People often call about their sanitation concerns. Remember that all schedules are available online. If you feel your can was missed let us know. All of our trucks are equipped with cameras and we can make sure it was out on time. If it was we will be back the next day to pick it up.

  • Snowy Streets high-speed-snowy-streets Provo Public works expends a great amount of effort to keep as many streets clear as possible following a snow storm. Let us know if unsafe conditions exist, or if an area is being neglected. More >>

Spraycans on the groundGraffiti Removal Help us keep Provo City beautiful by keeping an eye out for graffiti. If you are out and about and happen to notice someone has decided to use city property as their own personal canvas for expressing themselves, let us know and we will get it cleaned up.

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Traffic lightsProblems With Traffic Lights If you notice an issue while traveling, whether it be a traffic light that isn't cycling or a traffic light laying down in an intersection, 311 can help. Provo311 gets the job done by consolidating our resources and ensuring that you're always talking to the right person.

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Broken sidewalkMaintenance Issues If you find yourself in a park and notice a broken swing, or a sprinkler shooting in the air Provo311 is there for you.

We can also help you with potholes, cracked sidewalks, trees down in the road or growing into power lines. Provo311 is a one stop destination for all of your needs in Provo City.

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Street lightsPower Issues If you notice that the power is being interrupted to a street light, stop signal, park, or even a neighborhood. Provo311 can help you. We can answer questions about timelines to power restoration or help you understand what is going on with the power.

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